Saturday, March 5, 2011

iPad #2

Yesterday Apple a held press conference introducing the highly anticipated iPad 2, caused by new tablets being announced from Blackberry, HP, Samsung, HTC and other big manufacturers last month. The New iPad will include 2 cameras, One in the front for face-time and another on the back for taking photos and video on.

They also announced an "awesome" iPad cover claiming that the old one made the slick iPad too thick. The new cover is ultra thin and uses magnets to stick it's self to the iPad, but does not cover the whole iPad but just the screen. Now this isn't a screen protecter as it's not transparent, it's more like a pointless accessory, that you'll probably get board with in the first few days after purchasing it. Anyway, that was probably the highlight of the Apple's Press conference as well as the iPad shipping in white on Day One.


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