Monday, December 27, 2010 Review

There are a substantial amount of free streaming sites scattered across the internet but is any of them any good and most importantly fast and free?Unlike most streaming sites which deploy dozens of popup windows once you press the play button, Vidxden only displays advertising on the sides of the video and an occasional pop up window.

Unfortunately, I found the site not to be as fast as most streaming sites like Sockshare or Putlocker. But who am I to complain, Vidxden has a huge video selection and is 100% free. To access this video selection however, you cannot search the website, which means you will need to search through Google, using this algorithm "site:" and then what you want to search for. But its a small price to pay for streaming content.

This website is best used with the firefox extension, Flashgot, which allows you to download any flash video from any streaming site (apart from Youtube) for offline use.

Happy Streaming!

★★★★/5 FREE

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